Your’ll Failing Di Youts Gasa

I feel I go become a politician you know, cuz you see wah going on in Lucia deh… ahwar. Masiay we have to do more for the people in our country gasa. Friends, parents, teachers, politicians, strangers, all of us have to play our part!

Long ago, everybody used to check for each other, but now it’s as if,if you eh know people, well that’s your business, I eh checking for you. Even some of di church people have that attitude too. That’s when you know someting really wrong in this contree.

Earlier this week deh, I get a video on my phone, ec sar feh mweh larpen. A mun catch a lil boy in his house and mate had no business in di mun place, so aa, they had to pull up his socks couma. What he doing deh? Ah, he running away from people. Meanwhile, the mun wife phone in his bag eh…but is run he running away. Seems like mate decide he go kill two birds with one stone, same speed.

But real ting, gasa, I feel for mate. People does say pappyshow like big mun doh cry… but gasa… sar touchay chair mweh. You know why? I feel like di youts in Saint Lucia eh getting enough guidance gasa. You steal sumfing? Go to jail. You kill somebody? Aa, go to jail. You beat your girl? Go to jail, eh-disc-kway! Now doh get me wrong, if you do the crime, then all how you must do the time. But when you dun do your time, it’s not throw you back on the streets and dassit. Nah mun.

When you do your time, you have to show up to rehabilitation meetings three times a week. Miss three classes and you have to do community service or something else. (Maybe your’ll can come up with something better, I just spitting ideas.) Wah I trying to say is you have to help people when they cyah help themselves. We have to try harder. Put programmes in place and doh just say oh we have programmes deh and nobody eh come. Nah mun. So you expect fellas to come to your meeting when they smoking weed on di block? You must be outta your mind. But if you come in the community week after week and you eh giving up (you deh like a cockroach that just not dying) di fellas go come gasa. You eh go win all, but you go try your best to win as many as possible.

And doh come deh and act like your’ll all fancy and ting. Come down on di fellas level! Doh treat nobody like they’z criminal, whether they commit crime or not. Buy a packet of Shirley biscuit and a soft drink and chill. You kixxing off with di fellas, but you driving your message home same speed. Same thing for the girls. Have programmes, try and curb teenage pregnancy, make them (and di fellas) see the importance of doing a lil course and ting. Make dem know just because your life eh all that now, doesn’t mean it cyah get better.

But how can you reach people when you always in your nice house and fancy car and you travelling every week? I eh tell you eh have your ting (aa, all how pap!) but you have to come and talk to di youts yourself. Your’ll coming out when your’ll want votes so all how your’ll can come out to give a lil hour of your time every two weeks couma.

By: Basic B

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