Breaking What’s Already Broken

I keep giving all of myself to you,
I keep coming back every time you shove me out,
I stayed no matter how uncomfortable you try to make me feel,
I let you destroy me and rip me apart.
I’ve cried the river Nile over you,
A dozen times over I let you hurt me,
I let you put the blame on me when I didn’t deserve it,
Yet still I remain.
My heart has died a thousand times over,
A thousand times I’m left to pick up the pieces,
Countless times I’ve been drowned by my tears,
Praying for the day my heart completely freezes.
Painfully aware of all your manipulations,
I stay silent and pretend to not know a thing,
I let you hurt me time and time again,
All while letting you put the blame on me.
I loved you with everything I had,
I let you ruin the best part of me,
I remain silent throughout it all,
Because my voice, you never want to hear it.
I left a set of chains to enter another,
One I did so willingly,
I didn’t see it clearly at first,
The rose colored shackles in front of me.
The less I speak, the more I cry,
But the tears don’t run for long,
This pain I’ve endured has changed me,
And my tolerance for this love is long gone.
My heart bled for you,
My soul cried and yearned for you,
But all you did was abuse it for your own ends,
Now watch as I get myself over you.

By: Zhane Springer

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