Growing up, the fundamentals of life always left me somewhat skeptical;
Like how certain things are complete opposite in every way shape or form but, seamlessly go together.
What always seem to leave me in a daze, were the minds of people,
How they so cunningly lie to get a day in heaven with the other gender,
Toy with another person’s emotions for their own entertainment,
Or tell someone they love them and then spit in their face the next day.
I could never place my finger on how they tick,
Why they do, the things they do,
Even for me, I could say the same.
Everyone has their traits that are a bit suspect,
Leaving us to question the storm we encountered.
Sadly, you can’t find closure in everything,
But that’s what makes it a bit better, the closure,
We so desperately can’t have.

By Cherish Kyeyune

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