Continue striving for excellence

On Wednesday morning I had the esteemed pleasure of being the Guest Speaker at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School’s Nobel Laureate’s celebration assembly.  My hospitable hosts took me by surprise when the request was made. I must admit I did debate with myself for a few minutes only because I wanted them to receive the best presentation.

After hitting myself with the “receive sense” sticker from my Whatsapp messenger, I confirmed and prepared myself for what would be my first public speaking gig for 2020. Off the bat let me say that the students who were present at the assembly, a perfect medley of first to fifth formers, were most engaging and attentive.

Their zeal to learn more about real world experiences and the success of our Nobel Laureates was most evident. It was easy speaking with them about their own desires and goals. Although there were a few shy heads in the audience, I had the pleasure of speaking with a few students about their interests after they had moved on from secondary school most of the interests are in the field of business, photography and music.

The buoyant bunch are still like sponges and the information that we feed them should be careful, but deliberate with policies that will auger well for a lifetime. I encouraged them to work hard but I also implored them to make some time for fun. I vehemently believe we shouldn’t expel the notion of a good time because we think that it will trump the academic structure. A balance is important in everything that we do.

Continue striving for excellence everyone, pretty soon we will have our third Nobel Laureate and it could be you.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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