Fuzion Mas Brings The Heat… Can You Handle It?

Fuzion Mas just took sexy to another level with their 2020 carnival costumes. Closing off 2019 with a bang, Fuzion unveiled their jaw-dropping costumes at Sandals Halcyon on Thursday December 19.

It’s safe to say that the band pulled all the stops to make the 2020 Fuzion experience an unforgettable one. Teaming up with renowned designers like Keisha Collette Thomas AKA Marie Collette and David Dewer from Trinidad to bring their vision to life, Fuzion is sure to create a ruckus come July 2020!

The vibrant colours, arresting, unique designs and execution, all tell a story of a band that has come a long way—and certainly—a band that is here to stay.

This year, the band has seven sections. ‘Yemaya’, ‘Oshun’, ‘Nana Buruku’, ‘Aja’, ‘Aje’, ‘Oba’, and ‘Mawu-Liza’ are all show-stoppers and it looks like choosing a section just might be a little harder for some revellers this time around.(There’s always the option of rocking two costumes for those who really want to cause a scene!)

Fuzion certainly stunned the carnival nation with their 2020 offering. It’s no surprise though. According to Fuzion, “Fuzion Mas is a blend of the best elements of traditional and contemporary carnival aimed at providing the ultimate and complete carnival experience in Saint Lucia. We are a fully all-inclusive band and have spared no effort to deliver beautiful costumes, accompanied by premium service and amenities.”

From costumes, to photography to videography and more, Fuzion definitely has everything down to a ‘T’! The band continues to deliver year after year, and if 2020 is an indication of what’s to come, well then, we certainly can’t wait to see what’s in store!

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