New Year, new me? Nah…

Scady PNew Year, new me? Nah, let’s switch it up a little for the “twenytweny” – New Year –SAME YOU but with add-ons. Too many times we focus on building a new us when what is really needed is a simple and often easy addition to our already fab lifestyle. Let’s take a look at one of the most popular resolutions that I’m sure many of us have made for the New Year.

Going to the gym or getting fitter. Now that my friends is an awesome resolution and one I support whole heartedly because I have also embarked on that journey. However, before I did, I had a real talk with myself. I had to be honest with myself and after a brutal question and answer session, I made the decision to not only revive my ailing fitness life style but put things in place to fully follow through with my goal.

If I am to be consistent (which is almost everyone’s kryptonite) then I’d have to come up with a proper game plane and a winning formula. It makes no sense thinking that you want to do something, start it and then forget about it two months into the program. If I’m going to go for gold then I’d have to create the mindset of a winner.

I got myself a planner and I began writing notes to myself and within that also created a timetable for myself. You remember how you would never forget to attend that math class because you had a timetable to remind you? Well, that is exactly what I did. Designed my timetable to include my busiest schedule and within that made time and space for my fitness goal.

The organization so far has been nothing short of success and as the months go by I will keep making changes to suit the busy life style.

You can use that same method to succeed in anything you put your mind to this year. You must be organized and be ready to make some life changing sacrifices. The road to your success mayn’t be easy but the end result will be worth it.

Have an enjoyable 2020 and God bless!

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