So People Renting Wigs Nowadays? Mi Roro!

Gasa hole up. So women renting hair nowadays?In my Richard Frederick voice: *Ki kaltay baguy….*You eh believe me? Wait and see. Your’ll does really take a joke far e. Weh, weh, weh!

One ting about black women gasa they just creative. Give them a plaster, they making a dress, give them a horse shoe and they making a toxedough… women cyah be stopped I tell you! Fellas is high time we step up.

I eh hating eh. I real happy somebody come up with that idea cuz that means I eh go have to spend $700 on Brazilian hair for my girl again.

I eh know why your’ll spending so much money on hair in the first place. Just take a lil bit of hair from a horse and you goodgasa. Your’ll eh see how horse hair coolie mun? Your’ll eh ready yet. Spending how much on Brayzeelian and you could get that for free. Bayteeze.

Now I hope when your’ll renting your’ll fing your’ll doing it properly eh. Gasa, wash that dong with Squeezy, spray it with Bop, and do whatever you have to do to make sure germs eh travelling like a mun that taking bus from Soufriere to Vieux Fort.

Looshans prolly give that how much talk already. Not all of your’ll go like that rent a wig ting, but masiay, eh put di ting dong let’s see how it works out uh.

And hear that..if you interested in renting the people hair pay on time like is a Courts bill that deh! Doh let police come and arrest you for hair masiay… doh let people blast you on Facebook cuz you borrow hair and you eh bring it back… doh do marjee with yourself.
I self need directions fast cuz I cyah take on dem expensive weave ting. Sar par car ahlwayapeem weh pyes. You have to go to the cinema for your birthday? Rent a wig. You have to go Gros Islet Friday Night? Rent a wig. (Aa seems like dah is a lot of money spending wee…) Just make sure your’ll eh take too many photos, or better yet put a filter on that cuz you eh want people to put two and two together. Next fing they go on the people page and come back on your page to compare and gossip about you.

Now if you eh studying people good for you because the way Looshans critical!!! Huh-yuh-yie… Hold your head high eh my girl… doh let people talk run you dong cuz summa dem doing some kinda tings and you just eh know about it.

But hear that uh… masiay make sure your’ll take care of the people hair eh! Because sometimes you go and rent di people ting to save money and you end up inna bigger cohmess cuz you mat up di people hair and ting. Doh do marjee with yourself in 2020.

By: Basic B

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