Some of us are never satisfied

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Rae Anthony

Some of us are never satisfied. We ask God for things and when He gives it to us it’s never enough.

Perhaps you asked God for a new TV as the one on your stand no longer worked, and you desperately needed to catch up on your favourite series. He later grants you your request; it’s not the most impressive television set, but at least it’s something and in that moment you couldn’t be more grateful.
A month later, your friend calls you over to show off her brand new 80 inch TV, and suddenly you’re green with envy.That old little television set that you once loved so much is now a problem.Suddenly your TV seems to be in black and white and ‘Lifetime’ just doesn’t look the same.

Here’s the thing: some people would give anything for that small TV.

Perhaps you asked God for a house; years after your fervent prayers, you get a call from your bank: you got the loan! You are overjoyed and it seems too good to be true. After three years, the house begins to lose its vibrant color. Your furniture is no longer new,but still, it’s just as good. You feel truly blessed and your heart is content; then you visit a friend’s house.

The house is absolutely stunning! The furniture is to die for and you’d give anything to have that leather couch. The halls are never ending and the stairway is exquisite. You wonder how much it costs. Suddenly your house seems so cheap in comparison and depression creeps on you like a thief in the night. Your attitude changes and your partner notices. “Are you OK?” he asks. After a second or two, you say that you are, but he can tell that something is bothering you.

Perhaps you asked your mom for an iPhone. She’s not able to give you the latest model, and at the moment she is low on cash, but since you’ve been on your best behaviour lately, she decides to surprise you with an older version.It’s not an iPhone 11 Pro, but still, it’s something and you’re happy. You can’t remember the last time you received a gift like this! Then your friend shows up with a $2000 phone.Suddenly your iPhone 6 is “cheap and ugly”, and you “hate” that your mother is poor.

But you missed the most important thing… she kept herself behind just to make you happy. She doesn’t know how she’s going to make things work for the rest of the month, but at least she made you smile.

You reveal your angry thoughts to her and she’s crushed. You’re oblivious to how much you’ve hurt her. You fail to realize that though you don’t have the latest iPhone, you have food on your table every single day.

Folks, you may not live in the most attractive house, or the most comfortable one, but still, you have a roof over your head. Some people have nothing.Count your blessings, no matter how big or small, because if theywere taken away, you’d give anything just to have it all.

P.S. Your life may not be great now, but surely it can get better later. Be thankful for the small things you have in the meantime and work towards your goals.

Have a wonderful weekend guys.
Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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