We have opened the year on the wrong footing

We have definitely opened the year on the wrong footing. Fresh into the month of January and a family has the unfortunate task of burying a loved one who has fallen at the hands of violence, more specifically gun violence. When the news broke not only was the community where he gave the youth hope through sports shattered, the lives of those very young people he affected will forever be scared.

Cassy Boom, to those who knew him, was a no nonsense man and according to one of his players, that was all the driving force they needed to claim the many titles they did with him as head coach. The tears will continue to run down already wet faces and find a resting place on drenched shirts as police work feverishly to solve the islands first homicide.

We won’t address the disrespect that was shown to the coach and life changing Rastafarian as he laid lifeless in his own home. This slouch is to applaud the work he had done in his community. Clearly he was doing something right because as news of his untimely passing made its rounds the tributes and memorials flooded social media.

We need to focus on doing much better Saint Lucians. This is our island but I fear we won’t have much of it left if all our people are hell-bent on killing each other off. There are other ways of settling a dispute. The way of violence should never be considered.

As I type this weekend’s Slouch from the Couch, I quickly reflect on the island’s 41st Independence Press Conference. You see I am supposed to be there at this very minute, but I felt it necessary to forgo the presser and implore our men and women, young and old to think twice and save a life.

Forget the police, forget the politicians, forget the tourists. Let’s do this for us. Let’s do it for our small island. We have to be the catalysts of change if we are to see progress in our Saint Lucia. Fight down war and crime.

Have a great and safe weekend ya’ll.

God bless
Scady. P

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