XUVO Teases Paradise

XUVO has done it again. Only in their second year, the band left revellers speechless when they unveiled their costumes for 2020 on January 18, at The Ramp in Rodney Bay.

Revellers made their way to the venue as early as possible, in order to get parking and take in all the band had to offer. They arrived in cliques and some solo, but even that didn’t stop them from having a good time. All were eager to see the costumes—after all, it was a Verve owned band, and Verve was a trendsetter.

In their first year alone, they surpassed all expectations, and was easily one of the best and biggest bands on the road. The costumes were a sight to behold and it was undoubtedly one of the best carnival debuts in a long time.

In 2020, they took revellers to one of the most beautiful places on earth: ‘Heaven on Earth’ was an homage to Saint Lucia, and the launch reminded Saint Lucians of all ‘Helen’ had to offer, and why she truly was the epitome of greatness and beauty. Helen was Queen!

Their first costume was a knockout;‘Iyanola’ was a blend of traditional and modern day mas and she was unlike any other; it’s safe to say that XUVO took many by surprise with this hot number. The costumewas brought to life by Kriston Milano from Trinidad and he truly did Helen justice!

Thisis just a glimpse of what’s to come. According to ‘Ethos by XUVO’ on Instagram, the vision is “to cement and propel the tradition and identity of ‘True Mas’ in our portrayals.”

Says Ethos, “Every carnival you may hear the controversial song chanted ‘panty and bra for the carnival.’ So where does Ethos fit in this picture? Like its definition, ‘the characteristic spirit of a culture, era, or community,’ Ethos is geared towards the reveller who wants the traditional experience and to partake in ‘Mas with Meaning’”.

‘La Mer’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Vice’, ‘Paradis’, ‘Vivre La Rose’, ‘Jacquot’, and ‘Soufriere’ (by ‘Krave’ from Barbados) on the other hand, are for revellers who embrace change—lots of it! After all, what’s carnival without bacchanal?

XUVO brought in household names like Rawle Permanand, Rhion Romany, and ‘Fonrose’ (all from Trinidad) to change the game; ‘Heaven on Earth’ is an irresistible collection andtruly captures the essence of modern carnival.

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