You Leave Your Children to go and Drink by a Bar?

One fing, some of your’ll have to pay for your’ll sins eh,your’ll too wicked.

I cyah stand a man or woman dah eh taking care of their children. That giving me rage gasa. To see some of them, their children dirty and hungry more than anything, but they self shining more than a pan after you scrub it.

I eh understand how people could live their life like they eh have a ting call karma. You think God sleeping? You think you can leave your children home by their self, drink two Bright for 5 at a bar every night and you eh getting nothing for that?

You think people can be so heartless?

I know noff people that just up and leave their children like dah eh nutting. Women that entertaining how much fellas, but they eh know the last time their child eat or how they doing in school.

Some of the children getting teased how much cuz they untidy, their bags empty and they deh like they eh have no home or family. Sar car feh chair mweh mal e.

Sometimes you does wish you could help everybody but then again you not Bill Gates.

Lucians it’s time for your’ll to step up because trust me, these same children you eh care about now, you go need them later. If you eh make a turn around now, when old age hit you, you go be singing a different story.

Some children can forgive their parents (big up to them!) but everybody not cut from the same cloth. It just hard for some people to forgive when their own mother and father do them dirty. And once your child holding a grudge, ou fee-knee!

Bright cyah help you when you 95 and all you can do when you that age is think of the times when you were wrong and strong. Now you cyah do nothing again.

Dat making sense? People as much as we feel we have time and we go be young forever, just ask any old person and they go tell you they eh even know weh the time go. Is see they see it and next minute it disappear. You swear is a gar-jhay.

By: Basic B

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