Celebrating Our Nobel Laureates with Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Drama class presented a theatrical production that tackled the issues of respect for Earth and Life, Feminism and Gender Equality.

The production, “God of Earth”, in celebration of the island’s two Nobel Laureates premiered on Wednesday, 22nd January at 7:30 p.m. at the National Cultural Centre.

“God of Earth” is a creative reinterpretation employing both local familiar elements of Saint Lucia’s culture whilst introducing lesser known elements to the public such as aspects of Roman mythology.

The play is set in the harsh abyss of space, with characterization depending on the Roman Gods whom the planets are named after, each specifically tailored with a Lucian authenticity and appeal.

The cast of twenty-four (24) was led by two executive members of the Drama Club – Miss Yhasha Satney (President) and Mr. Daniel Defreitas (Vice President), writing and directing the play. Other students also took the lead in costume design, make-up and stage management.

Over the past two years, the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College has executed its own student-led original theatre productions in celebration of the Nobel Laureates month and this year’s production delivered on the promise to be a dramatic creation coupled with unique Roman mythological elements.

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