Gratitude is a selfless act

“Gratitude is a selfless act. Its acts are done unconditionally, to show to people that they are appreciated.”

Scady PShowing appreciation for some has become a lost art in our world today. A simple gesture to show gratitude is like asking someone to extract water from the moon. How did  we get to such a disgraceful state as people? I am yet to know.

I have been a witness to people conveniently forgetting who has been by their side through thick and thin. If you think about it, I am certain you too can point out a few scenarios. Maybe, you have been a victim of an ungrateful friend or family member.

If you want to add more positive chi to your life, start thinking about expressing more gratitude to the people who deserve it most.  Believe me, I know that the everyday stresses can make it difficult for you to show any appreciation since the biggest of good deeds may seem miniscule; but that is where good character shows.

I would like to implore all of you readers to show express gratitude, show a loved one that you appreciate them on a regular basis. Don’t brush aside because of an impulsive state of mind like irritation, impatience, and believe it or not, exhaustion. Don’t allow these annoyances to overshadow the blessings that have fallen on our right hand.

Resolutely, I believe that if a lot of us would show each other a bit of gratitude our crime situation might just take a quick nose dive. Let me leave you with the words of Sizzla as I sign off for now. “Do some good today and put away your destructive attitudes. Do some good today, today make prepare your future virtues”.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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