Just 4 Fun: The Movement, The Vibe, The Mas!

This year Just 4 Fun Carnival Band reached an incredible milestone. The party band celebrated 20 years of playing mas,andon Saturday January 25, they gave revellers the best birthday treat.

‘XX’ was surely a hot 20. It was a highly anticipated launch, as Just 4 Fun (J4F) is one of the biggest carnival bands in Saint Lucia and according to one reveller it felt like the “longest wait ever”.

So… what is ‘XX’? A burst of colour; a reveller’s fantasy, and a collection like no other.

There is something for everyone. “Un-Leashed”, “Realms of Fantasy”, “Savage”, “What Lies Within”, “Immortals”, “Out of Africa”, “Odyssey”, and “Avant Garde” come in all shapes, styles and sizes and will undoubtedly be a dream come true for most of their revellers.

Out of Africa’s confetti appeal was hard to resist; an angel-like Avant Garde was absolutely breathtaking and definitely a step up for the band. A butterfly shaped Realms of Fantasy came in yummy shades of blue, pink and purple and a peacock-like What Lies Within was like a midsummer night’s dream.

The band teamed up with a number of talented designers to bring ‘XX’ to life including Keisha Collette Thomas AKA Marie Collette, David Dewer, Oylan Baldeosingh, Tracy Julien, Christine Sadler, Solange Govia, and more.

They’vecome a long way. Their 2020 carnival debut which took place at the Pigeon Island Landmark is a testament of their hard work and growth and from the looks of things it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Here’s to 20 years of fun, hard work, experience and pure, unforgettable vibes!