Las Di Moun Zafeh Ou

Sell baguy, Lucians eh-meh parlay. Now I eh blame your’ll, I like to talk too eh, but one ting, when it’s time to shut my mouth, I doing that fast. You fink iiiiii go tell people my bizniss? Kotay ah?

Summa your’ll just doe know when to keep quiet. How many times they have to tell your’ll that? Gasa when we were small, teachers would shout behind us noff times, cuz we eh hearing… but that’s di ting… we were small. When you get older, you have to get smarter too couma.

Some people putting every fing on Facebook. As for that Facebook ting self, next page… You happy in your relationship you have to tell people everyyyyyyy likkle fing. Oh he did that for me and ki sar sar… Doe get me wrong masiay, I eh saying you cyah tell people you happy (same ting if you sad) but you have to know where to draw the line, you check it.

They have people that telling their “friends” everyting. Lemme tell you something, they have real true friends (the kind you proud to big up when the DJ say if you have a real friend put your hand up in the air) and they have real snake like friends. People that there with you from day one, and they secretly want to see you fall. Summa dem might not be in your life so long, but same ting. They have co-workers that laughing and gossiping with you, meanwhile they day-shee-way-ing you behind your back. Ou kweh say blag? Not everybody is your friend masiay.

They have people you know you can trust with your heart and soul, you go never question that. You telling them all your business, they telling you theirs, and you know they go never switch on you even if your’ll fall apart. But summa your’ll only know the people for six months… and your’ll ready to share every ting (although in some rare cases it can work out.) And deh have people you know for years and they still waiting for your downfall so all I can tell your’ll is be careful and know when to keep tings to yourself.

Sometimes you have a good heart, and you want to see that person win so much, and you swear they want the same for you so you running your mouth pie-seck. Meanwhile you eh check di person hate you wif a passion.

Pay attention to people’s actions… their body language, the things they say (big AND small)… gasa that alone telling you a lot!

If they didn’t have bad mind and noff wicked hearts out there, running your mouth might not be a problem, the most you might do is annoy people cuz you talking so much. But you see the way some people dirty now… you have to have your head on. They give you a $2000.00 increase at work, take your money, smile and keep your mouth shut.

If your boyfriend sweet like pee-sar-doo, doe brag about it too much. You see the ting about some women, when they in lorve, they just have to share. Doe ask for if mate is di best ting that happen to dem! Is now they talking!

But the thing is some women want your best thing to be their best thing so they silently plotting to take your “baby daddy” and your “shay-wee”, meanwhile they telling you “you real lucky e, you deserve it!”

You have to keep your eyes on summa dem like tick on dog I tell you.

By: Basic B

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