Many of us set goals for ourselves

Many of us set goals for ourselves. By a certain age we’ve already envisioned the perfect life and are certain that this is the life we were meant to live.

Then we get older and sometimes these dreams and ambitions don’t come to fruition.Some of us begin to wonder what changed along the way. At the age of 30, some persons are still stuck in dead end jobs with no prospects in sight; panic ensues.

Sometimes persons are single with no kids. “Even worse”, these persons assumed that they’d be married by a certain age with the perfect house, perfect husband and perfect life.

Some persons never imagined that they’d be living with their parents at a certain age and their friends’ posts on Instagram and Facebook don’t help either. They wonder why and how their friends seem to have it all when they seem to have little or nothing at all.

Some individuals long for their friends’ relationships, and silently wish they could take those trips their friends take every year. After all, they worked hard (even if their boss didn’t notice) and they had a great personality too. So, where was their happy ending?

After a while, some decide that it’s time to take things to the next level. Some accept proposals from boyfriends who refuse to step up, or who, they perhaps, don’t have a connection with, just because they don’t want to be unmarried at 38 (especially when all their friends and family members have already jumped the broom!)
Some persons take shortcuts in their career. Forget God—He’s taking way too long! Besides, there’s a man on their doorstep who’s willing to give them everything they want and more. Later, they discover that it was a gift from the devil.

People, as much as we plan, the truth is life doesn’t always turn out the way we want it to. If you’re unhappy with where you are in life, take some time to think, pray and wait on God. Do not rush to the altar just because you’re 34, and you were hoping you’d be married at 35. Sometimes this man or woman was never meant for you, and your marriage crumbles as a result.
Perhaps you didn’t get accepted into the school of your dreams. (As a matter of fact, I cried when I discovered I had to attend Babonneau Secondary School ten years ago; in the end, it turned out to be some of my best years!) If you’re stuck with your second, third or fourth choice, know that even then, life can be great; it’s up to you to pick your fate.
There are so many other examples, but I will end here for now.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

Sincerely, always,
Rae A.

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