The Sudden Passing of NBA Legend Kobe Bryant

The news of the sudden passing of NBA legend Kobe Bryant hit the entire sporting fraternity and the world like a ton of bricks. Never had I seen individuals wanting the morbid news of the death to be another one of those celebrity hoaxes. The faith in credible news sites was restored and the gossip pages were on the waiting list to be scolded.

Alas, the confirmation came and it was no false alarm. The most decorated basketballer in his class had tragically lost his life in the most horrific accident – a helicopter crash. What made the news most painful was learning that apart from the other passengers on the aircraft, his young daughter also lost her life.

Kobe was on his way to a basketball game where his daughter and her team mate were supposed to play. It was a regular day, a routine move that no one expected not to return from. This is truly how we live our lives on a daily basis. Many might refer to the way we all view life with the sense that we are taking it for granted and they weren’t be incorrect with that assessment. I am guilty of often forgetting that neither you nor I will be here forever.

I look around and see the number of individuals who continue to hold grudges against former friends and family members for the pettiest reasons. I see people who persecute others for selfish gains and with no regard for the individual’s well-being (especially in a society where mental health is a topic we must pay the most attention to).

It isn’t until someone’s passed away that we take the time to reflect on how we could have treated certain situations differently. Bryant was human which means no way was he perfect, but he did have a lasting impact on not just the sporting world.

Everyone can aspire to achieve the accolades he earned but what everyone should do is take the time to love each other unconditionally.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.

Scady. P

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