Red — Wild: The Savage Realm

Gone are the days when we’d have to wait for carnival bands to launch after or during the jazz festival. Now, things are kicking off as early as December and those who long to be a part of the carnival action can take advantage of early payment plans, an option, they welcomed.

On Sunday February 2, another band launched: Red Carnival Band invited mas lovers for ‘Cocktails with Red’ at the Sandals Golf & Country Club, an event which was promised to be a “wild” and dazzling affair.

And it was. ‘Wild Fire’, ‘Wild Orchid’, ‘Wild Cat’, ‘Poison Dart’, ‘The Lost Tribe’ and ‘Passion Flower’, certainly turned heads and cheers of approval could be heard throughout the launch. Models danced like no one was watching, enjoying the bittersweet taste of carnival Monday and Tuesday. They entered “Wild: The Savage Realm” and showed persons exactly why they should jump with Red; they brought vibes to mas.

The band teamed up with three designers this year including Kriston Milano from Trinidad, who executed four of their costumes. Their colourful costumes were definitely a step up from last year and a breath of fresh air.

According to Red, “Red Carnival is best described as a party band with two distinguishing features – attracting Revellers with ‘Energy to Dazzle’ spectators and demonstrating innovation to keep the band on the cutting edge of the revellers’ experience. The feature of ‘Energy to Dazzle’ draws a picture of vitality, energy, youthful vigor, colour and spectacle of sight. Red Carnival focuses on giving its revellers a great party both inside and outside the carnival season.”

Red is back with a hit—are you ready to be a part of The Savage Realm?

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