Stop Tattooing Fellas Name on You, Zort Par Cah Tun!

I eh feel I ready to have a daughter yet uh because gasa look ting you have to worry about e. You have to worry about fellas trying and play in your chile head, if she go get pregnant early, if she smart enough to take your advice, if she go tattoo a fella name on her, and all kinda drama.

Dah eh to say, boys cyah be trouble too eh (plee worse day leh) but I just eh want my head to be hot. As a matter of fact I eh feel I ready for no chile yet, because ou weh baguy sar…

Now one ting women like to tattoo fellas name on dem eh… To see them gwee-year-ing when they showing off their tattoo of “Kim” or “Jacob” with a likkle heart around it.

“Girl I love him so much eh, that’s my baby.” “If she watch him twice she will see!”

You swear they own the fella… meanwhile he’s TPM. Look ting e! One ting I cyah understand is how some girls so quick to tattoo a fella name on them and he eh claiming them. Gasa you eh see you looking foolish? But they say sometimes when people in love, it’s like they have how much lakwas in their eye so they missing certain tings.

If is dat, well I go stay single eh. Leave me with my Crix and cheese, please and tunks. Summa dem showing the man off on Instagram how much, talking about “he’s mine” with their likkle heart emoji, but up to now he cyah show them some love. As a matter of fact, mate always on other girls IG, liking every pic, in their dms and everything and you deh looking stupid. Me roro e.

Parents (those of your’ll that eh doing it) you need to start talking to your children. Stop acting like parenting is a big joke because that lack of guidance ting does real destroy children.

Now they say if a fella put your name on him that’s a sign of love (cough) but I eh believe that at all. Summa dem doing that and they still playing you like cricket. If you love somebody just show it (without alla that) ec feeknee apeesar. But then again, that’s just my five sense.

I bet you one of dem done tell me to stay in my place already cuz is mar-jee I talking.

Mind you, I just ask my padna if he go tattoo his girl name on him and padna say never! He wiff di girl for years I tell you. Mate smart. So wah if the relationship kwaz? I eh care if I love you like glo coco, I eh doing that. Mar kooyor pyes.

Ladies, it’s time for your’ll to put on your’ll thinking cap cuz I eh want to see your’ll crying on Facebook live, or throwing parwol for him when you doe want him again, or when he leave you, because dah eh a good look at all. Now di ting is summa your’ll know deep down di fella eh good eh, but your’ll kee-keeing how much when he tell you he lorve you and he want to marry you. Trust me, mate eh ready to settle dong yet. You eh go get marriage from that kinda fella. He just want to use you for a while and when he ready he settling down with somebody else and that go burn you like joke. One fing, fellas know when they can use you, and if they see you willing to play doormat, they walking all over you and then they leaving you high and dry later.

Doh let that happen to you. Some fellas does say anyting to move forward with you, but you have to have your head on. Doh do marjee with yourself.

By: Basic B

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