God bless the day
I get you out from underneath my skin
Bless the day I cut it all down
Burn it to the ground
Leave it all in nothing but ash and cinders.
I feel a strange sense of relief
As I allow the rain to wash me clean
As the thunder sounds my silent screams
I feel relief as my senses become numb
And I finally regain the missing parts of me.
I remember who I was before you
Who I am without you
And how much I can progress
Without you.
You didn’t MAKE ME
You destroyed me, but didn’t BREAK ME
At least you didn’t expect me to RISE from it.
You Underestimated Me.
You thought I would remain under your feet.
But you Can’t. Cage in a DRAGON
You Can’t. Kill. a PHOENIX
And you should Never. Piss Off. A WOLF.
I AM ALL THAT! and so much MORE!
My tolerance has ran thin
My tears have all dried and ran out
And my senses are lashing out!
You control me no longer
And you don’t hurt me anymore
I KILLED whatever Power you Thought you had Over Me
The girl you thought you Destroyed! Is GONE!

By: Zhane Springer

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