Your’ll Deh Robbing and Killing Meanwhile Your’ll Favourite Rappers Eh Doing The Same. Kooyor Woyee!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Not that they does say uh? Masiay in dem times deh, you must have your head on. Now I know fings hard these days(gasa, tings scruffy like dry bread) and deh have people that feel the government eh checking for poor people, but you cyah let that mess up your life, you check it?

They have fellas that listen to Popcaan and Future day after day. Mind you, I know di fellas singing about guns eh, but you never realize that most times dem fellas eh practicing what they preaching? Think about it. If they have a gun, most times, it legal. If it eh legal, boom, they end up behind bars so that should teach you a lesson. (Doh do marjee with yourself).

Most uh dem fellas never rob nobody, they never rape nobody, they never kill nobody and they didn’t stay on the block either. Dem fellas were hungry like dogs I tell you, and all dem men knew is they wanted money and fame.

Summa dem used to begggg people to listen to their CDs, and most times people eh even looking at them.Some used to sell that on the street  and sometimes their own friends and family used to put them down. You fink is joke?

I trying and teach your’ll something masiay. Too many of your’ll listening to Drake, Future, Alkaline, and alla dem fellas, and your’ll eh taking the good parts of their life. You deh singing hustle hard every day, but instead of selling a lil cassava or farine, you on the block making lil knots in your hair and you begging people for a lil dollar so you could buy a soft drink. DAT MAKING SENSE?

Stop trying to fake a lifestyle you cyah afford and work for it. Your’ll want to rob people so your’ll can wear big chain and buy bike, but two, twos, karma coming back for your’ll. Next ting you know your mother on HTS saying “he was a good boy” and I have to put my TV off cuz waj take me.

And hear that uh: when you get famous..doh do no foolishness. Noff mun feel police cyah touch them when they get famous but look at some of your’ll favourite rappers and dancehall singers. Weh dem? Oh…. Westay lar. And one more ting: eh try and run how much women when you get a lil money cuz that go catch up with you. Trust and believe!!!!

Now I going I have to go and wait for the bread van by the road deh. Later.

By: Basic B

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