Your’ll Like to Bring Up People Past When They Doing Well Eh? Vyay Kaltay!

Gasa one ting, some black people like to bring their people down eh. Look ting e. One fing about black people, they iz one uh the funniest setta people you’ll ever meet. And on top of that, we creative like joke (doh even get me started) but the worst fing is we can be our own downfall sometimes.

They have people that like to study your every move. If you used to do old vibes in the past, but then you check yourself and you start doing real good (you know change your life and ting) your success beating dem bad, bad, bad! Sar car pi-jhayzyayyo.

Every time they see you they eh know what to do with their self. They turning left and right, their eyes opening, it closing, they squinting….it doing what it want couma because burn your success burning them so.

When they see theycyah handle that, they have to bring up your past. “Strip she was stripping I tell you!” “You doh know about mate? Mate used to rob people househowwwww much!” and every second they have to bring that up.

Now you can talk about somebody’s past eh. They have nothing wrong with someone saying what somebody used to do, but is how you say it. If you say “You eh know about mate? Girl he used to steal so much but look at him now! Girl you swear is me I so happy!” then now you talking, you check it, because you cyah believe it. But if is burn the person success burning you so… ou say a vyaykaltay.God doh like that masiay.

People past is their PAST for a reason. If somebody trying to do something good with their life what you trying and bring them down for? So if is you, you go like that? Some people never like to put themselves in people shoes. All they like to do is gossip and run old talk but tun toe, tun toe…. Your time coming.

Some people quick to post pictures of people when they were doing bad online. They running and put jail photos on Facebook, photos of the strip club where they were working ec tout kaltaybaguy. They cyah never put pics of the person new car wash or their nice office in tong, because that go take away their shine couma. They eh want people to say good things about the person couma. No, they feel if they bring you up, they putting themselves down.

Masiayyour’ll have to lose that mindset. If something nice, say it nice. If somebody doing well, clap for them and let that motivate you. Summa your’ll hating on people success hard, but your’ll eh even know how hard they had to work to get there. Some people had to stay hungry for weeks… some just had a lil dry bread… some had to beg the bank, their family members and friends  for a likkle money because they didn’t have anything to start their business.

Summa dem get embarrassed how much already… mizzy people turn dem dong! You fink it easy? Instead of watching people like TV, get up and do something! But no, you just want to run by the road and gossip after you come from work… westaylar. While you busy hating the person busy collecting their blocks to build their house and your house ready to fall dong.Sar par bor!

By: Basic B