How is mate you choose for that?

How is mate you choose for that? Why is that girl that always winning things? I feel you should not go up again and give somebody else a chance to win. These and many more complaints or “suggestions” are a few of what people who have just celebrated our island’s 41st Independence anniversary often utter about people who they deem to be undeserving of certain accolades.

Unbeknownst to the detractors, these individuals have worked tirelessly to achieve the praises and many of them often stay in the shadows, enjoying their victories silently. Still, that doesn’t save them from being ripped to shreds by critics, who, if given the opportunity won’t be able to complete a fraction of the same task.

I watched over the course of our 40th Independence year in awe as persons would mercilessly crush a young person’s self-esteem with their words of venom and hate, just because that youth was rewarded for putting in the hard work we always beseech of them. I responded to a few and I also backspaced a little as my words would have done more harm than good and the message would have been lost.

Even typing this Slouch today is somewhat of a task as the disappointment is about to boil into disbelief. I am very much disappointed in us as a people who would rather see each other fail, we as a society would rather see our fellow Saint Lucian starve if they dare make more than us or gain more recognition than us. That my friends is poor!

For 41, it is my desire, my wish, for us to support more of one another, applaud each other’s success like it’s our own. I would like to see us be our brother’s keeper. I have seen the positive wonders that sharing in the success of others can bring. Our youth is already leading the charge and that is impressive. Names like Kayo, Rashaad and Big Sea, Sedale, Gen, Dwight Florent and the rest of the B.I.R.D.S team(go check out that piece of work by the way) bring relief to my mind as I know while they are “Bringing International Rhythms on a Different Speed”, they have effortlessly displayed to an often hateful and grudgeful society what can be achieved when the support and respect is shown to fellow man.

Let’s truly follow our theme for Independence 41, let’s really be together on everything that we do. If ever folks, now is the time for us to do it- together.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God Bless.


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