Island Tribe SLU: Stylish And Ready

Island Tribe Carnival Band may only be in the second year but they are loudly knocking on the doors of Band of the Year title with their 2020 portrayal, Revenge.

Boasting a team that represents a unification of entertainment industry personnel, young professionals and dynamic talents, Island TRIBE, unveiled the costumes to revelers and carnival enthusiasts alike under a dark starry sky in the well-manicured garden of the Mystique Royal Saint Lucia hotel.

No band launch can be marked as complete without a full complement of Dennery Segemnt. Before the costumes and models made their way to the stage, Island Tribe DJ, D.J. Shane quenched the thirst of patrons with a masterful juggling of Soca, Dennery Segment and a small dose of other genres for good measure.

Clad in Chic attire and some with champagne in hand would not hold back a few eager patrons as they danced as if they were practicing for the road in a few months’ time.

A brief interlude which featured a choreograph dance number, introduced the sections to toasts and roars of approval by the crowd that had now gathered closer to the stage.

Throughout the night, the applause kept sounding as the six majestic sections, Revenge of Harley Quinn, Revenge of Queen, Revenge of Amaturasu, Revenge of Hela, Revenge of Medusa and Revenge of King Bachus, ripped the runway to camera flashes and carnival friendly music.

Island Tribe gave their ever adoring patrons a much closer look at the detail and craftsmanship of each costume as the models made their way into the crowd.

Island Tribe Slu, as part of the mantra promises to produce a spectacle on the road from the Choc Roundabout throughout the Castries circuit. The have sounded the alarm after their Big Bang last year and are now more than ever patiently waiting for the road in 2020.

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