Michael’s Back with a New Sound

Image of Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson

St. Lucia meets Nigeria musically— Michael Robinson has teamed up with Tarela, an award winning Nigerian US-based emerging, versatile Dancehall Reggae singer-songwriter, for an Afrobeat pulsating, catchy, hypnotic and sexy dance track titled ‘Give It To Me’.

The song’s subject emphasizes on a monogamous relationship and how a good woman ought to be treated by a real gentleman, which seems very rare today. Both artistes show off their extraordinary vocal skills effortlessly and flawlessly. Michael’s smooth and sexy R&B vocals complement Tarela’s attention-grabbing and commanding Dancehall vocals, making the song very energetic, thrilling and memorable.

M.R. and Tarela met for the first time in Texas for the ‘Give It To Me’ music video shoot in January and the two artistes clicked instantly. They shared the same aspirations: Michael wanted to work with an African artiste and Tarela wanted to work with a Caribbean artiste.

According to the artistes, “the music chemistry makes the collaboration an unforgettable one; right away, a great music business friendship was developed. It goes without saying music unites any culture.”

M.R. is recognized for embracing various musical styles and Tarela is no different. M.R. is also one of St. Lucia’s finest singer-songwriters, music producer and brand spokesperson for FLOW.