Reward Our Young Leaders

Motivating students to learn and to participate in class can be very hard. If you were to spend a day in the life of our teachers, you would most probably agree that some teachers have their hands full with class management long before the teaching starts.

The question, how do they do it seems  almost to be taken from a script from a super hero movie; after all, to a lot of us, teachers are super heroes. In order to stimulate learning and to motivate good behaviour, teachers and by extension schools, have adapted to using a rewards system.

The Soufriere Primary School, with a faculty committed on diligently impacting on their students the knowledge, skills and values necessary to become outstanding citizens. For years now they have been using a reward system where students are celebrated for academic excellence in various subject areas and class.

February 21st 2020, was the official prize giving ceremony which was held at the Soufriere Catholic Church.

After a small presentation put on the community’s preschoolers from the Children’s Garden Learning Center under the guidance of Mr. Giovanni Moses and congratulatory messages of encouragement by the Parliamentary Representative and Minister for Planning Hon. Herold A. Stanislas and Kendell “Scady” Eugene (who delivered the keynote address), the students who had worked assiduously throughout the year received their certificates and trophies.

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