Sibling Feud

A rapid and raging exchange

A war of fury and anger

Never to be appeased

Never to be fixed

The tongue lashes the heart

And a raw fire is fueled

Burning away all hope of a reconciliation

Water flows from a river of pain

For a past that lived on in the heart

A past that now has died

No ties to the present or the future

And we are reduced to creatures

No relation

Just a fight to survive

Who am I?

Who are you?

How did this darkness creep in?

This depth of hatred and sin

Has the enemy won this battle?

And laughing in my face

Has this sibling feud stolen my salvation?

In the midst of the ashes I pray on

For the enemy’s weapon shall not prosper

And the sting of this sibling feud will seize me no more.

By: Sharlen Pologne-Edgar

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