So I Cyah Wear The Same Clothes Twice Because Everybody See It On Instagram Already?

What day was that deh, a girl say she eh know what she wearing to a fete. Mind you, she have a dress she like deh eh, but hear that: she feel like she cyah wear it again cuz di same setta people saw her in that the last time, and she go feel ashame if she have to wear it again.

I self eh see nutting wrong with that, cuz I is man that does recycle clothes. Doh feel it cold. Masiay let me tell you something. Nowadays people making social media pressure them. Everybody want to compete with everybody and some people want to hang their hat where it cannot reach just for some likes on social media. If your’ll eh check yourself, your’ll go end up in problem, all for some likes dah eh even matter.Now if likes making you money, das one fing. But if is regular likes, nah mun.

I wearing my clothes how many times I like, I doh care. I always tell people if people see you in the same clothes you had three weeks ago, they go remember that for one second, and next minute they forget about you. Is we that does overthink things masiay. As long as you eh upload a photo on social media every time you wear it, you good. And even if you want to do that, sar say zafehou.

And even if people talk about it so what?Doh go and borrow money to buy new clothes, or borrow your friend own when you have yours just to impress people. Because nowadays, friends fake like synthetic weave. People hyping you up on Ig and Facebook, laughing with you comeh, and before your’ll have a lil quarrel they exposing all your business.

Dah eh mean they eh have true friends eh, but you just have to be careful, you check it.

I rather wear the same clothes ten times or forty times if it means I securing my future. All the time people deh studying you hard, saying you wearing the same clothes, meanwhile you busy saving and ting.

They have people that want to buy new outfit for every fete and they have those that want to hate on you if you buy your ting at Hobbies or SNS. SAR PAR ZAFEH MWEH! If you can afford to buy your ting, I eh hating on you at all. Just because I not doing something eh mean I go hate on somebody else that doing it. All I’m saying is if you not rich like your friends, eh try to act like likedem.Your bank account not set up the same way so keep that in mind.

And if your friends want to small you up just because you cyah flex like them, sar par pyes friends. Choose your friends wisely masiay.

Some people getting jealous when they see people with nice Brazilian hair, new outfit and ting but they eh seeing when Courts giving them deh business for not paying, or when the landlord bunging on their door, cuz they owe how much. Your’ll fink is joke? Stop getting jealous of people fing. Try and build your likkle house, save up for school, or do whatever you have to do to prosper. As you see me there, I have to wear that same outfit I wear today next week. I just go change it up a likkle. Lot kotay. Study me if you want to!

By: Basic B