Stop Making Children With Anybody, Your’ll Eh Hearing

One ting about people nowadays, they just checking any and everybody eh? “Mate really looking good e.” Aa, two-two’s you blink, and the woman done have a child with him already. As if that’s our only requirement these days: once you looking good and you have a lil money, people done getting excited.

Post a likkle pic-chure on Instagram and they swear they lasting forever. And when they put a likkle heart by that too… tifee!!! Sardou!

2 weeks later, they delete all pictures of the man and they eh telling us nothing. So you coulda post all your pictures and give me updates when they buy nice meal by Matthews for you and kisarsar, but now the relationship end you eh telling me nothing? I want all the details! Eh-dis-kway!

Relationships nowadays eh lasting two minutes because everybody just have sex on their mind. Once sex is the only motivation for the relationship, dassit for you.That’s a recipe for disaster. That deh like water, mud and oil, it just eh mixing.

Before people used to be in relationship for donkey years.Just look at some old peoplethey going strong like hard food. Where you finding that these days? And nowadays fellas want to get vex when they hear the girl they used to mess with get pregnant. You think that’s real life? Dem mun does get on real bad, you swearrrrr they had nothing to do with making the baby. (Your’ll favourite rapper eh come to mind yet? Apee “mask off” baguy lee.)

They have mun that turning deh back on their child like is nothing. That easy for them to do and they eh losing no sleep over that. But let me tell you something… them kinda tings always coming back to you. Do good and it will come back to you, do bad and you know how it stay… karma coming for you like tick on dog back.

As for the girls that getting disappointed when them kinda fellas getting on so… sister you have to take some of the blame too. Wah you expect when there was no love involved? You think people just changing magically overnight? Da eh a Netflix series.

Masiay it’s 2020, stop bringing children into broken homes. Stop it! Now one more ting that does get me vex… just the other day deh my padna girl open her mouth and say how children tying up her life. Gasa I was so vex eh. So you go and look for how many children and now you want to pass your stress on them?

Is a whole setta children making children these days I tell you. And I not just talking about people that under 18… they have a whole setta “adults” with children mindset. We have to do better masiay. They have women that plotting to take other women husband or boyfriend and they have the nerve to get upset when the man turn his back on them and the child. So what did you expect? Happily (n)ever after? Doe do people fings you doe like for yourself. You deserve better and the innocent children deserve better. As for the men that step outside the relationship, you do the crime, you do the time! Take care of your child!

By: Basic B

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