Two,three decades after birth you look back
At the road that is your life and think
Was it perfect or broken?
Straight or narrow?
Full of potholes and curves?
Peppered with skin from your falls?
A dream?A nightmare?
That you think you can’t wake up from?
Or don’t want to wake up from?
A blissful paradise?
Full of snakes?
The slithering or the two legged kind?
Or is it predators?
Four legged or two?
Did you then become prey or the hunter?
Or was it only flowers?
Or was it normal?
Your definition of normal or the worlds?
Was there success?
A career,family,hearth?
Is that what success is?
Was it happy;the journey?
Full of happy memories that you want to remember forever?
Was it your road?
Chosen by you and only you so help you God?
Did you flip the world off and say it’s my life I’ll live it my way?
And then went about setting the world on fire?
Making memories forever written in the world’s mind?
Blazing the trail?
Did you?
Did I?

By: Aleah Charlemagne

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