We have an ongoing battle on our hands

Another week has ended and sadly, we still have this ongoing battle on our hands. Our island is fighting day and night with criminal elements and it doesn’t seem like the hoodlums plan to ease up anytime soon.

The bitter sweet news we received was that of another individual being arrested for attempting to smuggle guns and ammunition on our beautiful island. These are the very weapons that have claimed lives unapologetically and yet still, we have individuals trying their best to beat our system to get them in.

Now I’m sure you may ask, why is it bitter? The answer, is one that many have never really thought about until they are in the situation. You see, whenever a crime is committed it isn’t only the perpetrator who is affected, it’s his family. Sometimes, the news comes to them as a shock because they were none the wiser about their loved one’s other life.

I can’t fathom how anyone would want to bring in an item that they know would be the detriment of a life. I will always remember that one scene in the Spiderman movie, where he allowed a criminal to walk and that same guy killed his relative. The same can be considered when we assist in the importation of illegal firearms; it can end up killing the ones we love.

Our ports are clearly getting more and more secure and the public is now starting to believe that our security and safety is being taken seriously. Criminals are now put on notice as to the zero tolerance we are taking with regards to criminality. It is on this backdrop I want to implore all young people to please turn away from crime if you are already apart of it. Do it now while you are still able for the only time it will be too late to start your life over for the better is when you have no life at all. We don’t want that.

Have a safe weekend you’ll and God bless.

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