A wise man once said you can’t always trust what you see

A wise man once said you can’t always trust what you see. Boy if truer words were ever said, please inform me about them now! Ever since we had our first scare of the coronavirus(Covid19), we have been the victims of scare tactics, lies and misinformation. So much so that we find ourselves questioning the legitimacy of much of the important and factual information coming from reliable communication outlets.

Just this week our Prime Minister himself was tested, thankfully a negative result was reported but it doesn’t shade away the number of questions about the story’s authenticity that were posted on social media, regardless of the letter head bearing the official island’s coat of arms.

The, I told you so, I knew it was fake and I told you first, era that we now live in clearly knows no bounds. With that said I believe that some of us need to reevaluate or live and what we deem as important because I can’t fathom, no, I am yet to understand, readers, I just do get what could one possibly gain from giving the information first when the information they are giving is wrong.

Let’s move on.

It hasn’t been a month since we were all on the band wagon of “Now isour time, let’s do this together” because it seems like in the face of adversity, we have forgotten our little slogan for the island’s 41st Independence anniversary. Much needed supplies on the supermarket shelves are gone and I’m sure a few households are enjoying much more than they really need.

As you go through your bounty with a proud look of accomplishment on your face, it should bother you to know that while, yes, you may be keeping safe and arming yourself in battle, you have left someone who is in dire need without a shield. Selfish much?

This pandemic is teaching us many things and I do hope we are all accepting this learning experience in order to better our lives, forever.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.


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