Your’ll Get Your’ll Little Side Chicks Anthem Your’ll Happy Eh?

So what day was that deh I go on Facebook and I see a mun giving Shenseea talk. Di mun declare “instead Shenseea teach ya’ll self-care and respect she boosting ya’ll ego to be side chicks.”

A girl jump in mate comments one time with a rebuttal. Hear her uh: “women would not be side chicks if men were capable of remaining loyal.”(Miroro… if she lie say she lie!)

One time my padnacome back with his likkle response: “That’s still no excuse, even though we want side chicks it’s your choice to turn him down or let him in.”

Outunsar eh? Basically di mun saying if you want to be his side chick he welcoming you with open arms, but…. he eh have no kinda respect for you. Meanwhile you’ll deh feeling yourselves when your’ll likkle song playing.

But that’s the ting you know… a lotta women nowadays just doh care. If they want a man, they want him and dassit—end of story. Single, taken, sar par zafehyo. Doh ask for if the man eh respect them… they running in his arms even faster. It’s almost as if that making the man more attractive in their eyes.

Mwehmem… times have really changed eh…

Now going back to Shenseea… One fingshe know how to get people talking eh? As soon as we start talking, she making money. You think she stupid? Your’ll fink Shenseea doing half of the tings she talking about? Kotay ah?Look at the impact the song have already… she making music she know people want. So nowadays girls proud to be side chicks? (They even confronting the wife too!) Aa, let me make a song about it.

Your’ll think that nice shabin go ever be somebody’s side chick? (I eh know if she woulda do that before the money eh but ain’t no way she doing that now.)

But that’s the thing again…. Some girls eh even care.They could get all the facts and they ignoring that like is nothing.

But masiay, it’s time to care. Stop messing up people relationship just because a man looking good… stop messing up people relationship just because he have money… Some of your’ll quick to say you wouldn’t be there if he didn’t want your’ll, but that eh cutting it. Your’ll eh know about karma man? That coming for both of your’ll. Karma doh care if is he that come and check you first you first,eckisarsar… that eh how life working.

People swear they can do things and get away with it but more and more we seeing that eh how da cookie crumbling. Leave people relationship alone;fellas, if you eh happy in your relationship, talk to your girlfriend or your wife, but eh step outside your relationship.

And nowadays fellas quick to do woman ting and want forgiveness and all, but if is the woman that do what they do?! NEXT STORY! They moving on di girl QUICK! Your’ll go stop being hypocrite one day e…

One more fing before I go: I eh go never support artistes singing nonsense, or doing the most in the name of entertainment. Some of these artistes acting like they eh have children to raise I tell you… so once you making money it’s ok to sing about tings that should be private? Your’ll special e… Children,or  no children, just learn to keep certain things to yourself. But nowadays before you say something you’z a “hater”.But let a local artiste come and sing what some of dem big artistes singing (especially the females) boy they coming down on dem hard like joke!

Looshans I tell you… summa your’ll just special.