Don’t Forget To Be Awesome — Issue Seven

J. T Tench

By J. T Tench

This past week, while drinking some tea, a realisation dawned on me: people aren’t inherently bad, they’re just inherently human. In this week’s issue of Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, let us look within by looking outside – and let us love all who inhabit both.

I’m not sure what exactly sparked this realisation. However, I do remember harbouring some hatred towards people whom I felt had wronged me. Forgiveness (not the basis of today’s DFTBA) is hard to give – and I can’t measure your individual reasons to forgive, or not to. But, what remains constant is the fact that our perceptions of people guide our reactions towards them. Since I cannot read the mind of someone who’s done me badly, I read my mind instead. I sometimes act with pure intentions; I sometimes act with not-so-pure intentions. I can be both good and bad, but I am not inherently bad. I am just inherently human. And so, my perception of people begins to change. Whether or not they had good intentions, they’re only human, just like me. Imperfect, impure, beautiful, and broken, but human.

Since I cannot control others, I control myself. I make a conscious effort to proceed, in all things, with good intentions. Even though my actions may be misunderstood, unwelcome, or may lead to someone’s pain, I am only human. I acknowledge my deficiencies and I overcome them. I strive daily to be a better human but also remember that I am only human.

Instead of being comfortable with my shortcomings, I endeavour to be liberated from them. Don’t Forget To Be Awesome, but also don’t forget that you are simply human. Be Awesome and strive to be the best human that you can possibly be. Remember, you are not inherently bad, just inherently human.