I eh on dem violence ting, for real

Yeah masiay, I’m back. Long time no see. Now I don’t know how long I’m there for eh, but I deh. Wah gwaan?

It seems like goons takeover Lucia these days mun. Ahwah, crime outta control now. Gasa people fraid for their life, nobody eh want to go outside, because sometimes by the time you hit outside, a gunshot burst and boom! a mun dead. You self doh even know if it go be you next. Fr.

And nowadays people not even safe in deh own house I telling you. You feel that right?! You sit down in front of your couch watching TV and next thing you know a mun pull up on you.

Plus people getting robbed pie-seck these days. That eh right gasa. Just the other day a woman collapse in a Chinese store cuz a teef was on a ole vibe.

Zort par hot? Like dah is all your goals? Teef? Epi dassit? Gasa I cyah stand lazy people. You out here flexin chain and ting and is steal you steal that. And you want somebody’s daughter to take you on.

Gasa if my chile end up wif one of dem fellas eh…. Huh yuh yie… that’s all I saying.

It’s time for something to happen in Lucia for real. I eh go say the police eh doing nutting because I know summa dem trying. I know government trying too. But wah more has to be done fr. Sumting must run cuz clearly dem fellas eh afraid of no policeman and they eh care when government officials talk either.

Them fellas feel like they can do anything and get away with it because they seeing certain trends so they eh care. Gasa all imma tell your’ll today is pray. Just pray cuz wah…

By: Basic B