Keeping up with Xenia Douglas: Carnival Queen, Author, Health Enthusiast!

Xenia Douglas

Xenia Douglas

Xenia Douglas is a vivacious 26-year-old, born and raised in the community of La Toc Castries. Growing up as the eldest child in her family of four, she watched her parents and family members scale their small business initiatives, yet still make time to be family oriented and make their health and fitness a priority. This attributed to her passion for business, healthy living and entrepreneurship, and propelled her to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, where she developed a love for Marketing & Communications during her studies.

After graduation during the pandemic, she found it difficult to obtain a stable 9-5 job amidst the uncertainty. This propelled Xenia to begin her own entrepreneurial endeavours, and she became popularly known as the founder and spokesperson of her blog, Thrive Alive – a health and wellness Instagram blog which teaches young people the importance of eating healthy, and how to successfully lose weight by adopting a plant-based lifestyle.

Xenia is also the co- founder and assistant florist of Bouquets and Beyond, a flower arrangement delivery service, and the co- founder of Listwa Publishing, an international book publishing service, for which she is now an author of what is described as the #1 Best Seller in Afro Caribbean & Latin American Literature on Amazon.

Outside of her entrepreneurial pursuits, Xenia can be found dancing her life away with the Silver Shadow Performing Arts Academy.

Xenia Douglas

Xenia Douglas

On July 7th, 2022, Xenia officially won the title of National Carnival Queen.

Since her win, she has obtained her Health Coaching certification in Health & Nutrition over the last six months and has decided to take the year off to work on a community level to promote the importance of eating for wellness and promoting the importance of developing better eating habits among Saint Lucians in a tangible way.

She has spent the last few months speaking in schools and community centres about health, wellness, and chronic diseases. She also now offers online group coaching through her Facebook and Instagram blogs, @Thrive Alive (available on Instagram and Youtube) and is currently working on a plant-based weight loss programme to help women lose weight, which will be published in December.

She has also launched a video podcast called Xensations Conversations, in which she interviews young trailblazers from different industries, educating men and women on topics surrounding self-development. Xenia is also using her podcast to highlight young local entrepreneurs; individuals who are talented and that she believes need to be brought to the forefront.

Xenia is also the official Brand Ambassador for Bank of Saint Lucia.

Keep up with Xenia: Facebook: Xenia Douglas – National Carnival Queen, Instagram: @thrivealivee @xeniaddouglas, YouTube: @thrivealivee