Y’all Always Wanna Fight Somebody Down. Chupse.

One fing about Lucians, we like to fight each other down eh, I must say. Gasa it’s high time we stop that nonsense, fr. Like somebody cyah do something positive without a mun or a woman hating on them.

Like I cyah go on Facebook without seeing some kinna negative energy. Oh “at sns she buy that”, “I cyah never wear that”, “jusso mate go and open barbershop, mate eh even good” and all kinna ting.

Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and unless our mindset eh change, a lot of things eh go change either. Like we always complaining about something in Lucia, but a lot of times we eh even realize we are the problem.

If all of us make some kinna positive change, just imagine how much society would change. We want to hate on people when they start their business or doing someting positive, but if is us, and somebody do the same fing, we vex.

Oh “I always knew she was a hater.” Meanwhile you been a hater your whole life. Stop with the hypocrite vibe.

As you see me deh, that fight down ting eh for me. They have enough bread for all of us to eat.

Nuff time they have people criticizing people and they eh doing nothing good with their life. Like they eh have nothing to show for all the time they deh on earth. All you can do is dress up and look nice but you eh have no speed.

Meanwhile you wanna hate on somebody that trying sumting? Bayteeze. Do better. That eh looking good fr.

By Basic B