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Growing up, the fundamentals of life always left me somewhat skeptical; Like how certain things are complete opposite in every


Your’ll Too Involved in People Relationships!

One ting Looshan women special eh. I never see a setta women that like roro so. Likeee to put their

Image: Clent Mitchel better known as “Islands”

21 Year Old Award Winning St. Lucian Producer debuts “Know My Name”

Clent Mitchel better known as “Islands” is thrilled to announce the release of his debut single ‘Know My Name’. Written


Fuzion Mas Brings The Heat… Can You Handle It?

Fuzion Mas just took sexy to another level with their 2020 carnival costumes. Closing off 2019 with a bang, Fuzion


The Nutcracker by Emerge Ballet and Modern Dance

Sunday Dec 1, was not to be missed.  An adaptation of ‘Clara’s Dream’ from ‘The Nutcracker’ was expertly choreographed and


December Festivals Creating the Magic of Christmas

On Saturday 7TH December, the National Lantern Competition was held at the National Cultural Centre (NCC), where nearly 80 lanterns

Image of Eddison Layne

Cardinal Vegan Cuisine

Eddison Layne is a young entrepreneur who owns a vegan food service called Cardinal Vegan Cuisine. This nineteen-year-old hails from

Poets Corner


I am in distress, more than perplexed. There is no hope for me I’ve tried everything that seems to be


Audio Lab… Pure ‘Fire’!

The first time we heard the beat we were hooked. Then, we heard the singing; ‘Fire’, an infectious single by

Image of Spice

Adding Spice to Dancehall

With a smile, determination and certainly grace, Dancehall DJ Spice has built an empire from the bricks thrown at her