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Pounding heart and feet in sync Race from the trauma she severs the link A journey up north is her


Soca Monarch/Carnival Queen Drama — Woyeeee!!! What a Mix Up!!!!!

Woyeeee!!! Baguy show hor di yar!!!! Aa, aa, aa… boy Soca Monarch and Carnival Queen Results come out and some

Image of Faustina

Faustina and The Unicorn Project celebrate ONE YEAR

It started with an epiphany while reading a book by my favourite motivational speaker in December called Abundance Now. The

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False Love

I know you love me, I know you care for me I know you see your future with me in


Princess’ Glam Bar

Say ‘hair-lo’ to Princess Deshong, a budding hairstylist; in the interview below, the talented beauty tells us all about her


Man Cyah Even Wear Their Gold Chain Nowadays!

Gasa Lucia have a kinda vagabonds, tinegs and nutmegs these days. They hungry, they sweff and they out to destroy

Image of Bunji Garlin

Bunji Garlin: St. Lucia means FAMALAY!

Numerous accolades, acknowledgements and achievements in the bag,the Soca Viking Bunji Garlin is a man of many captivating talents. From

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Protecting Mi Amor

What can you offer me that I can’t offer myself? What can you do for me that I can’t do


Soupsion — Your’ll Like To Put People Dong Eh?

Looshans like to put people dong eh, one fing. They quick to post embarrassing photos and videos of people online:


What Happened to Our Soca Music?

Carnival is around the corner: costumes are in production, most revellers have already paid in full and waist lines are