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White and Cold as Snow

Hair as black as ink, Her dress as white as clouds, Skin as fair as silk, And lusciously golden brown.


If You Cyah Buy It Put It Back!!!

Aye you…. I see you vorleying the people weave on the shelf… yes you with the red bag over there…


Sister2Sister Safe Space Virtual Chat

In March 2018, the HERStoire Collective launched their latest project, the Sister2Sister Safe Space Programme, an undertaking intended to bridge

Image of SMC Young Leaders

SMC Young Leaders Tackle Road Safety

As part of their Young Leader’s project, this year the SMC Young Leaders group is looking at Road Safety with

Poets Corner

An Empty Page

An empty page stares And find its reflection in my soul A page, like the palm of my hand Waits

Image of Hermia Sylvien

One More Reason to ‘Kiss And Makeup’!

Hermia Sylvien loves what she does. For this make-up artist (MUA), there are a million reasons to ‘Kiss And Makeup’


Back It Up On The People….. EERKS! HOLD IT DEH!

These days some women gaining all kinds of confidence cuz a certain carnival song have them hype!! Errrksss!!! HOLD IT

Poets Corner

A King’s Ode to his Queen

How do I begin to describe, How I love you; My light, My heart, My everything. I know I have

Image of Kaedence Caiyre Adolph

Motherhood: A Guide For Young Moms

Meet Shernela Casey Adolph. This 21-year-old is the winner of our Valentine’s Day giveaway and mom to 8-month-old Kaedence Caiyre

Image of Keyanna ‘Keeks’ Marcellin

Is Honesty Really The Best Policy?

All the relationships around me seem to be fueled by deception. Husbands and wives keeping secrets from each other, coworkers