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Royalites xTreme launch

Royalites xTreme’s Endangered

The importance of launching before the month of April to give revelers a large enough window to decide what band


Facebook ‘Likes’ Don’t Mean S***t!

Ever notice how when you post something controversial online, people just flocking your page like is free food you giving?


Period Blues: Pimples!

P.S. Junk Food Doesn’t Help We get this thing called our “period” every month. Big deal right? (Sarcasm, you guessed

Poets Corner


All I want Before it all ends Is a love that will last forever Across the sky Across the seas


Too Many Models in Saint Lucia?

I’m sure the headline caught your attention right away. #ClickBait! Lol, but on the real though, if you’re a regular

Image of Giovanni Charles

Careful who you call friends – Giovanni’s Take

In this day and age we really need to be mindful of who we call our friends. It is highly

Image of Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson: ‘Coming Home’

Journey with me in a mystical era as we hover over the Helen of the West Indies: Sweet Saint Lucia,

Image of Choiseul Secondary Inter-house

Choiseul Secondary Inter-house track meet 2018

The Choiseul Secondary School held their annual inter-house track meet on Thursday 8th February 2018at the Soufriere Mini Stadium. The

Poets Corner

One ‘N’ Only

Sitting here all alone With no one to share this moment with I’m lonely without a warm touch A warm


D.S.D. Celebrates One Year

A year ago, an entirely youth driven initiative was accomplished under the organization Do Something Different (DSD). The model behind