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Taboo: Ready for 2019!

For Saint Lucia Carnival 2019, TABOO Carnival debuted their mas portrayal via social media platforms YouTube and Facebook through a


Why Salon Owners Have Attitude So?

Somebody tell me why salon owners have attitude so? Dem women like to act like is a favour you doing


Be a Buddy, Not a Bully: Buddy Bench Campaign

The devastating impact of bullying in schools (on not just the individuals involved but similarly the society at large) is


Meet G.S.S’ Mr. Independence Contestants

Who said pageantry is only for the ladies? This year the Gros Islet Secondary School will be hosting a show


So You Teaching Your Likkle Chile How to Whine? You Must Be Proud Eh?

Gasa you never go on Facebook and just corhar you seeing a video of a toddler whining or cursing like

Poets Corner


Behind all these smiles lingers the truth…depression The seemingly perfect life? Nothing but pain and confusion Speak about it? There’s


Looshan Employees Eh Care Unless You’z A Toe-Wrist

After I hate to see Looshans get on like they never see toe-wrist before. Sar car fehmwehfarshay, gasa, because you

Image of Louis Andre’ Murray

Professional Fitness Trainer Goes Mobile

There is a growing fitness culture sweeping St. Lucia that, year on year, cause more St. Lucians to flock to


A Journey Through Persia with Red Unlimited

We’re bringing in 2019 with style. Celebrating 15 years of carnival on February 3, 2019, Red gave us a repeat


Some Christians Hypocreete Like Jokeeeee!

Some Christians go get in their feelings boy… but I eh worried cuz when I finish with your’ll, your’ll must