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Image of Gabrian Popo

Let’s Meet Miss Mas In The South

The Vieux-Fort Carnival Committee has slated its inaugural Miss Mas in the South Pageant for Saturday 22nd June, 2019 at

Poets Corner

Lo Que Importa – ( What Matters )

It doesn’t make a difference what colour you are Because love should conquer all near,  all far Nor does it

Image of Ms Roche EyaIrie St. Cyr

Who Will be the Queen of Soufriere Carnival? Part One

On June 15th, MorneCoubaril Estate will come alive as six beautiful young ladies grace the stage, each one vying for

Image of Koffee

Who Is Koffee – Part Two

Koffee’s following started to build and was further enhanced in 2017 when she jumped on Upsetta Records’ OujiRiddim, made popular

Image of Kemar Ottey aka Ding Dong

Ding Dong, the New Dancing King on Life, Music and St. Lucia

Kemar Ottey or Ding Dong as he is affectionately known has been hailed as the new dancing king, touted for


St Lucia National E-Sports Pro Gamers Does It Again !!! Double E-Sport Championship win

Pro Gamers from the St. Lucia National E-sports Team Bradley Bailey aka Terable andUlrick Jackson aka Rickie J has secured

Poets Corner

Loving With a Heartbreak

I came across you in a much needed time, A time where I was falling and clinging to the most


So Who Tell Y’all Women Cyah ‘Check’ More Than One Person?

Gasa looshans like to tell people how to live their life but nobody eh feeling it more than women. Matter

Image of Johanan Dujon receiving his award

Johanan Dujon Wins Commonwealth Youth Award

Johanan Dujon from Saint Lucia has developed a process to transform sargassum seaweed to a high-quality fertilizer which he now


A Whole New World with Boost Marketing

Open your eyes to a whole new world… Say hello to ‘Boost Marketing,’ a marketing agency founded by Juelle Cadette.