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Deejays Synergized!

By K.J.E Battle tested, ready, that was the expression on many faces as the most anticipated summer competition was about


Youth Speaks – Quantity over Quality?

Doing something for a long period of time does not necessarily mean you would be better than someone doing it

Image of Saydia Charles

Women in Science: Saydia Charles

“Daddy, look it’s a shooting star!” and I would get all energized about it in my toddler years. Then he

Poets Corner

An Empty Page

An empty page stares And find its reflection in my soul A page, like the palm of my hand Waits


Too Many ‘Dolls’ and Mumble Rappers… Where’s The Talent?

Everybody and their mama think they’re a rapper these days. If I see one more “Doll” and “Lil” this or


Youth Speaks – Dennery Segment: Modern Day Calypso

Saint Lucia, the place we are fortunate enough to call home, is indeed a rich island. Yes, rich in culture,

Poets Corner

Happy New Year!

I’ll spin a different tale Many may disagree, But as we begin September, I say, Happy New Year to me!


Can’t We All Just Get Along??

By Basic B I have one simple question: can’t we all just get along?! It seems like every day there’s


Statesman758: The Purple Edition: Heels & Bikes

On Saturday August 25, the Sandals Halcyon Ballroom was converted into part showroom, part dancefloor. It was a classy-themed event

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Magnum Xplosion: The Grand Finale

By: Toni-Anne Latty The Magnum Xplosion Stage show series climaxed on the Eastern Caribbean Island of St. Lucia last weekend.