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The Blooming Flower

I am a blooming flower that sits beside a stream For my petals to spread Displaying a kaleidoscope of colours

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Paths Cross

It’s frustrating to not know, What you’re about or what you want, But it doesn’t mean you’re not searching, And

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Brutal Art

Your brutal blows leave artwork on my skin, Blue and black patches Blood red scratches,long and thin Abstract art where

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YO! Spot

Shots from 2015 that didn’t make last week’s issue… here they are!

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Probably Fate

“Accident”, one may call it That we met, that we saw, that we love. But is it an accident that

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The Lady Who Was an Exception

Like butterflies in a collector’s book, We are pinned by truth’s infliction But she escapes by her depiction of life

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Do you still love me? Do you still carry me in your heart? You still show me care; but, It

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The musical tune of the crickets Make it known to us humans That it’s time Where peacefulness takes over the

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What is Life Like

Life is like a vapour Cast into the wind. Life is like a struggle; A battle against sin. Life is


My dad is always quarrelling with me about every little thing

Dear Helpline, My dad is always quarrelling with me about every little thing. Sometimes I cry because it’s so much.