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Pink Rules! Breast Cancer Awareness

Every October we focus on Breast Cancer Awareness; a crippling disease that takes the lives of millions around the globe.


She doesn’t trust me and I think we might break up

Dear Helpline, My girlfriend and I have been having some problems in our relationship. She doesn’t trust me and I

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Dupes in ‘3D’

Sherwinn Dupes Brice is all set to release his debut album ‘3D’ on October 28 2016. Select fans were afforded

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Picture Of The Week

Pretty P

Poets Corner

A House is Not a Home

Most people confuse the two But who wouldn’t do? Wooden structures, concrete pillars and even skyscrapers too All of a

Poets Corner

What is love?

A verb yet so confusing, The moral essence of life yet so deceiving; Misinterpreted for an experience or feeling, A

Poets Corner

A Teenager’s Thoughts About Mother

She may talk garbage But she guided me till this age. She can be frustrating, May not always be lovey-dovy;

Poets Corner

Under my Skin: Fallen (pt.2)

You annoy me to the point of insanity, Drive me crazy most of the time, Blind to the obvious like

Poets Corner

Time to Forget

Time to forget Memories hit Like a cold shower. Wanna brace my head To cradle my thoughts, And imagine It’s