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Image of Arnold Jules better known as AJ.

AJ Reps 758 on Independence Single

Arnold Jules better known as AJ released his single ‘758’ in time for the 41st Anniversary of his homeland Saint

Image of Akia Chiquot

Miss Independence 2020

Laborie’s done it again! 19-year-old Akia Chiquot has secured another crown for the community, following in the footsteps of Wenia

Poets Corner


God bless the day I get you out from underneath my skin Bless the day I cut it all down


Your’ll Like to Bring Up People Past When They Doing Well Eh? Vyay Kaltay!

Gasa one ting, some black people like to bring their people down eh. Look ting e. One fing about black


Give a Little, Help A lot! Do Something Different Turns 3

On Monday 10th February, non- profit organization Do Something Different Foundation celebrated 3 years of creatively Doing Something Different. Do


Mr. Independence

17-year-old Michael McLauren is Mr. Independence. The Ciceron resident was crowned on Friday February 7, at the National Cultural Centre


Las Di Moun Zafeh Ou

Sell baguy, Lucians eh-meh parlay. Now I eh blame your’ll, I like to talk too eh, but one ting, when


Celebrating Our Nobel Laureates with Sir Arthur Lewis Community College

The Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Drama class presented a theatrical production that tackled the issues of respect for Earth


Red — Wild: The Savage Realm

Gone are the days when we’d have to wait for carnival bands to launch after or during the jazz festival.

Poets Corner

Run if You Can

I hope you don’t find me where I am And if you find me I hope you never catch up