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Certifying the New Alpha

Castries Lions Club sponsored the certification of a new Alpha Leo Club on Saturday January 26, comprising students of the

Poets Corner

My Comfort

When I’m with you, true love is what I feel Deep down I know it’s so real. For in your

Image of Oshun

Oshun Breaks It Down — Theme for 2019: Rise of the Orisha

“As I am launching my logo I take this opportunity to answer two questions I am usually asked. Why the


Why Your’ll Cyah Support Your’ll Friends Businesses?

Gasa some Lucians love to buy things from big name stores and anybody… anybody that’s not their friend. Today I


Living the SHR Experience

On Saturday 19th January, 2019, over seventy dancers and dance enthusiasts converged inside of the Gros Islet Secondary School’s auditorium.

Poets Corner

Think Twice

After you, there’s what I’m gonna do 38. 28.42 No more sad face, no more cries No more worrying, no

Poets Corner

Like a Friend

It’s nice to know you care In the way I want it to be Like a friend I hug your


Big Woman You Big Woman So?

You Better Respect Your Mudda Because That Boy You Like Eh Go Save You and School Boy Your Friends Eh

Poets Corner


You are like the sun to my moon The light to my dark Though we both shine We both have

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The SHR Experience

Featuring choreographers who have worked with artistes like Machel Montano, Mariah Carey, Fergie and more. Born and raised in Saint