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Diaries Of A Dream Queen

Plums are in season

Plums are in season, so naturally, we’re all walking ‘round with smiles plastered on our faces, right? Last week, I


Theatre and Cocktails

CYPAN’s (Commonwealth Youth Peace Ambassadors Network) ‘Theatre and Cocktails’ was a phenomenal success. The fundraising event was held on May


Gilroy: A Work of Art

I spotted him painting at the Finance Administrative Centreon a Saturday night and for a minute I was in a

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

The importance of making sacrifices

I am constantly being reminded about the importance of making sacrifices. I will be honest, I hate making sacrifices most


‘Xtreme’ 2017

Last year they turned heads with ‘Heroes or Villains’. This year, they upped their game even more, and wowed the

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Michael Robinson’s ‘Shades’ was a stellar event. A birthday celebration for MR himself, this party attracted many: primarily the grown,

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Stixx Mitchell: Drumming to His Own Beat

From an early age, Stixx Mitchell knew that music was his calling: he had rhythm in his fingers and feet,

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

The Cul-de-Sac explosion

I sat in the office earlier this week working on an article minutes after the Cul-de-Sac explosion –we (my colleagues)

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Chela — Living Life Like its Golden

Perhaps you’ve seen her on TV on the morning show ‘This Morning’ on DBS (Daher Broadcasting Network), moving her snakelike

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Kurmysha Harris

There is nothing on earth like a good fiction novel: a book that allows one to escape to a different