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Rae Anthony

Miss SJC Princess

From the moment the event commenced, it was obvious that the night was going to be an exciting one. The

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Schools’ Music Festival

The annual Schools’ Music Festival was held on January, 19, at the National Cultural Centre and it was a festival

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Asou Square: The Return

There was much chatter after it was announced that Asou Square, a traditional Saint Lucian New Year’s celebration, would return

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

The STEP Programme

Dear Diary, The STEP programme—I’m sure most, if not all of our readers, have heard of. It is a programme

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

Self Improvement

Dear Diary, Sometime ago, I was making my way to the office. School had just finished so of course, there

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

The Grinch Stole Christmas

Dear Diary, I stumbled upon the most heartwarming news story online earlier this week. If you have seen how “The

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

Taylor Swift’s benign act

Dear Diary, Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed earlier this week, I came across an article stating that Taylor Swift

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

Social Media..

Dear Diary, Over the years, many have learnt that social media can be perilous when used the wrong way, and

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

Bad behaviour

Dear Diary, This week whilst walking, I came across two minors, (relatives apparently), involved in a row—one no older than

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

Babonneau Youth Excellence Awards

Dear Diary, Last week, a number of other young people and I, were recognized for our various accomplishments at the