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Rae Anthony

‘Let Lucians be Lucians’

Recently, an individual was ridiculed by a number of ruthless online users who found fault with his appearance. Whilst browsing

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The jazz season has ended

The jazz season has ended, and now we have shifted our focus to Carnival, as it is the season for


Vladimir Lucien – Sounding Ground

Wordsmith, artist, chronicler, storyteller— Vladimir Lucien, is all of these things. A famed Saint Lucian poet, Vladimir speaks life into

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Opening of Carnival: Bacchanal Officially Begins

The sweet soca tunes from neighbouring islands were a tease: the melody, the perfected chords, the sweet groovy feel: everything

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St. Lucia Jazz Festival Feva

If there’s one thing we have been told repeatedly over the years is this: “when it’s good, say it’s good”.

Diaries Of A Dream Queen

The Jazz and Arts festival has come and gone

Dear Diary, The Jazz and Arts festival has come and gone, and I have to say I enjoyed both the

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