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kendell Scady Eugene

Balance n Harmony: They’re RED-y

It was not their launch, actually not even close! Red Unlimited in a move that took me back a few

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It’s Poetry in Motion

Can you picture a nation’s youth without the guidance of a formidable arts programme to guide them? Dare to imagine

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S.M.C Presents Mystical Folklore

Good things seldom come in pairs but our island has been blessed with two Nobel Laureates – a treasure that


A few tips that worked wonders for me

Many of us dream of getting a job that will enable us to buy a car and a big house



A few years ago, while I was busy scanning the internet for a suitable Slouch from the Couch topic, I


Domestic Abuse

We moved into a new month just a few days ago in bitter-sweet fashion. Let’s start with the bitter part


Record numbers for Independence

This year we saw record numbers turn out in support of our Independence activities and although some of them felt


36th Independence Anniversary

This weekend St. Lucia celebrates its 36th Independence Anniversary in grand style. No, we are not getting the parade I


The Love Day

Normally around this time I would be referencing the love day, but I am sure Rae has gotten that covered


The end of January

The end of January couldn’t have arrived sooner for some people, especially me. Not only was it going to make