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kendell Scady Eugene

Mother’s Day

We’ve got so many blessings in life that sometimes we take them for granted. It’s not that we mean to


What is a role model?

I was asked a question this week by a young person, Scady what is a role model? The question quickly


Rankin Morgan – Easy as 1 2 3

A young entrepreneur once told me how tedious and arduous a task it was to start up his own business. 


Insaniti is Here

There is always room for a fresh face in St. Lucia Carnival and last week Thursday new band Insaniti Carnival


Michael Robinson – 758’s Prince of Fusion

The description on the YouTube channel for his new video “Make You Mine” solidified what we had suspected about Michael


Royalites xTreme takes extreme to another Level

The carnival bands have not waited for the traditional “early” release of Soca music to jump-start their season. So far

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Chalk the sideWalk

Photos by Stan Bishop The School Of Art and Design’s held their annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival at Baywalk Mall


Have you ever been a victim of a hacker?

Have you ever been a victim of a hacker? Don’t worry you are not alone and as a matter of


LaToya Does it Again

21 year old LaToya Moffat, created history by becoming the first St. Lucian to win the Miss Commonwealth International pageant


The Wavemakers

To say that this business is one of the fastest growing entrepreneurial outfits in St. Lucia is an understatement. Almost