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Youth Speaks – Quantity over Quality?

Doing something for a long period of time does not necessarily mean you would be better than someone doing it

Image of Saydia Charles

Women in Science: Saydia Charles

“Daddy, look it’s a shooting star!” and I would get all energized about it in my toddler years. Then he


Too Many ‘Dolls’ and Mumble Rappers… Where’s The Talent?

Everybody and their mama think they’re a rapper these days. If I see one more “Doll” and “Lil” this or


Developing Youth through Sport

For years we’ve heard the need to develop the young minds of the world, be it through academics or sports.

Image of Niecer Suffren

Miss Majesty: Niecer Suffren’s the New Queen of Gros Islet

The reign of a new Queen of Gros Islet has begun with Niecer Suffren beating her four counterparts Wellina Lawrence,


Youth Speaks – Dennery Segment: Modern Day Calypso

Saint Lucia, the place we are fortunate enough to call home, is indeed a rich island. Yes, rich in culture,


Can’t We All Just Get Along??

By Basic B I have one simple question: can’t we all just get along?! It seems like every day there’s


Statesman758: The Purple Edition: Heels & Bikes

On Saturday August 25, the Sandals Halcyon Ballroom was converted into part showroom, part dancefloor. It was a classy-themed event

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Magnum Xplosion: The Grand Finale

By: Toni-Anne Latty The Magnum Xplosion Stage show series climaxed on the Eastern Caribbean Island of St. Lucia last weekend.

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Nicki Minaj: STILL the QUEEN of Rap (Even After That Album Flop…)

Kids, shoot your shot. Nicki Minaj just paid for 37 college students’ tuition…and your momma told you that girl was