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Image of Debbie Augustin

Debbie Augustin — S.S.A. Star

Debbie Augustin’s flying high.She has left an indelible mark at the Saint Lucia Sports Academy (SSA) and her name will


Reward Our Young Leaders

Motivating students to learn and to participate in class can be very hard. If you were to spend a day


Sent Lisi An Tan Lontan

Art certainly makes life more interesting. One has to wonder where would we be without it—can we begin to imagine?


So I Cyah Wear The Same Clothes Twice Because Everybody See It On Instagram Already?

What day was that deh, a girl say she eh know what she wearing to a fete. Mind you, she


41 Years of Independence

Saint Lucia’s Independence celebrations just keep getting better. Every year, we see the flag raised high;the blue, yellow, black and

Image of Daylia St Jules

Miss ESS Independence

The Entrepot Secondary School (ESS) hosted its Independence pageant on Friday February 21, at the Castries City Hall under the


Your’ll Deh Robbing and Killing Meanwhile Your’ll Favourite Rappers Eh Doing The Same. Kooyor Woyee!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself. Not that they does say uh? Masiay in dem times deh, you must have

Image of Arnold Jules better known as AJ.

AJ Reps 758 on Independence Single

Arnold Jules better known as AJ released his single ‘758’ in time for the 41st Anniversary of his homeland Saint

Image of Akia Chiquot

Miss Independence 2020

Laborie’s done it again! 19-year-old Akia Chiquot has secured another crown for the community, following in the footsteps of Wenia


Closing of District Two’s Independence Science Fair

In trying to understand the importance of science, most of you would 99.9% of the time google “Why is Science