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Breaking Down Youth Fest 2018

Caribbean Youth Fest, the only annual talent competition putting the youth of Saint Lucia and by extension the Caribbean on


Make Sure You Eh Brokes In January Please and Thanks

Lucians they tired of warning your’ll already: doh spend all your’ll money on Christmas and Asou Square, next ting your’llcyah

Image of Yvane Aimee Agard

Women in Science — Yvane Aimee Agard

Yvane Agard has distinguished herself as a young Saint Lucian national in the field of Science. At the tender age


The Boys Did It Again!

The young boys from the Saint Mary’s College brought the house down with another staging of their highly anticipated talent


We Love The Dennery Segment But Support The Other Genres Too Uh!

Saint Lucians love Socabadddd. They love dancehall too but now we’re making way for the Dennery segment, the biggest ting

Image of Tarrique Edward

Tarrique & Crew Ready 4 Winlottunder 15 Championship

Tarrique Edward has been named captain of the Saint Lucia U15 National team. Edward is a student of the Babonneau

Image of an Asari costume

Asari: Ready for 2019

It’s official: the season is on! Asari Tribe recently unveiled their costumes for 2019 and carnival babies couldn’t be more

Image of Kevin Williams

Building a Successful and Cost-Efficient Business with Simply Innovative Solutions

A St. Lucian technology company is opening new frontiers in security and asset management designed to help Caribbean companies enhance


Black|Up Ladies Rock!

The theme songs for the most recent black|Up event, put on by Duty Free Caribbean at La Place Carenage, could

Image of Chazzi Desriviéres

Chazzi Desriviéres: A Taste of Steel

Chazzi Desriviéres is one of the happiest individuals you will ever meet. A 17-year-old steel pan player from Babonneau, his