Dear Diary,

I am currently indisposed; paying for my sins I presume since I refused to adhere to my mother’s advice about not placing the fan directly on me whilst sleeping. (Mosquitoes were having a field day with me!) Serves me right I reckon… —

Most of you I’m sure, are aware that the Nobel Laureate Week festivities culminate today. I have a deep appreciation for Nobel Laureate Week. ‘Tis the time that one gets to witness talent at its richest. Hopefully, I recover soon enough (I wrote this article on Wednesday), so I can attend the final events. I am especially excited about ‘Poetry in Motion’. I have an immense love for the art form and the thought of poetry in motion, keeps a Cheshire like grin plastered on my face.

I recall reading and performing plays like “A City’s Death by Fire”, by Saint Lucian Nobel Laureate, Honourable Derek Walcott in my secondary years. I also read and performed a number of plays. (Literature was one of my chosen subjects; I believe it is a gift to mankind). I loved those moments more than anything else in my secondary years. Because of the beauty and magic of literature, it is paramount that we keep the art form alive.

I aspire to contribute significantly to the specified field in the future. I especially love our local plays. They are always superbly depicted and I am always amazed by how gifted our people are, especially our youth. It is wonderful that many of the youth in Saint Lucian society have a deep appreciation for the art form. It truly is absolutely magical! Relish it; keep it alive.

With that said, I bid you all a wonderful weekend. Make the best of it. Hopefully, I get sufficient repose and can then pay attention to the million assignments our lecturers have ‘bestowed’ upon my colleagues and myself.

Adieu my loves.

Rae A.