Record numbers for Independence


This year we saw record numbers turn out in support of our Independence activities and although some of them felt long and dragged out, St. Lucians still displayed something that many even to this day criticize us about –national pride. I for have gone on record saying, yes, once upon a time I did feel that St. Lucians were more receptive to outside media and entertainment as opposed to what we had here. I was one of the architects, echoing that our music needed to be of a specific standard in order for us to appreciate it, the way we do a Michael Jackson, Bob Marley or even Machel Montano(if you want to you can insert your favourite artiste).

In my mind that was the sole reason St. Lucians weren’t showing their patriotic muscle. But over the years all of this has changed and our music has now gotten to a level where it has been featured in television series. Our films have been nominated and have won numerous awards regionally and internationally, and we have had our spoken word artistes receive rave reviews from critics and government officials alike.

But what if I told you that all of this was happening long before St. Lucia turned 25! Yes I know we are celebrating, well celebrated our 36th Independence anniversary, but our St. Lucians have been giving us reasons to be proud of one another even during the years I (along with many of you) was saying let’s be more professional. Now I can easily say we have enjoyed two Nobel laureates but that is too cliché.

I would rather make reference of artistes such as Semi Francis and T.C. Brown who performed at the Independence concert. Not many of us would be privy to their story but these two vets were signed to the international record label RCA Records. At the time they were part of the band Summit who belted popular hits like “YummyYummy”.

Let’s fast forward to 2015 and you have producers likeYogidaproducer and rapper Kayo flying our flag high in Canada. In fact the latter was recently on island shooting his music video for the single “Bakara”. CurmiahLisette is busy professing her love for her island in England while chasing down random strangers and asking them to fly our flag with them. Hey the entire episode is on youtube for the world to see so you can go check it out.

To end I will simply say, the pride and joy everyone showed leading up to the 22nd of February shouldn’t be seasonal. Let’s try our best to make it a yearly habit. I am positive it will yield a better St. Lucia.

Have a great weekend ya’ll and God bless.